Custom Work Blog

This is a blog where we will share some of the custom work we do for customers. Everything we make at KLG comes from our imagination and is handcrafted to bring quality and unique products to our customers.

Occasionally we are contacted by a customer who has their own vision or a different take on one of ours. We really love when this happens! We work with the client to find out exactly what their vision is, whether that is an alteration to one of our current designs or a completely new creation from the their imagination, and then we create that vision for them! 

Since our custom work is exactly that (custom), we don't list it for sale, so we thought it would be nice to share some of those works with you here in this blog. We hope you enjoy seeing some of the things we do for our custom order clients. We are very proud of it!

Custom Simpler Times Serving Tray

A customer contacted us about creating a customized version of our Simpler Times Serving Tray. She wanted it in 30"x30" and in a reclaimed/weathered gray style finish. I was really excited about this item as it would be the largest square tray I've done. Here is the final result

Extra Large Custom Simpler Times Serving Tray

We had a client contact us wanting our Simpler Times Serving Tray in a whopping 34x34 with a darker finish and nickel handles. Of course, we were happy to accommodate him and got to work on it. I knew it would be big, but I must admit, even I was surprised at it's size when it was all said and done. We had to put it on the floor just to get a photo of it. Here is the result!

Custom Cedar Entertainment Console

We were contacted by a client who wanted to replace their TV stand with something. Specifically, they wanted something that they could use to hide their DVR and kids video games. We worked with them to get a good idea of what they wanted and designed console that could hold their entertainment devices as well as provide some storage options without the messy look that an open TV stand provided. We came up with the idea to use our Simply Cedar Bookshelf as a wall shelf to put their TV on, then built the console to compliment it. Here is the finished result:

Custom Entryway Table w/ Secret Compartment

This client wanted a table for his foyer that he could keep a gun in. Being that they have a child, we designed the table with a secret compartment for this purpose. The result is below.


Custom Passions of Paris Bed - Queen Size

We were contacted by a client to make them a custom version of this bed. We designed it specially to fit a designated space in their condo. They were very pleased with the result which you can see below.